6 x 60 mins for ITV4

Entrepreneur and daredevil Zef Eisenberg takes on his toughest challenge yet – to break the British land speed record in a car he plans to engineer himself. With over 40 land speed records to his name, he’d already done it on a bike at the iconic Pendine Sands in Wales. Now Zef wants to finish what Sir Malcolm Campbell started in 1927 and break the 200mph barrier in a car and, in doing so, become the only person to hold the British land speed records on both two and four wheels.

In order to prepare for this feat , Zef will challenge his own team of mechanics to take a different vehicle each week and make it as fast as humanly possible.Will the knowledge they gain play a crucial part in helping this real-life Tony Stark achieve a life-long ambition to take his place amongst the British legends of land speed?

Some months after filming was completed for this series, Zef tragically lost his life whilst undertaking another land speed record. He is very fondly remembered by the team at Interstellar.