7 part digital series for Channel 4.0

It’ll Never Last is a noisy play along gameshow meets social experiment. A trio of social media stars, Harry Pinero, Madame Joyce and Chian Reynolds, meet real-life couples and put them through a series of mischievous and revealing tests and candid questions. Are the couple two peas in a pod, or miles apart in their thinking? They might talk the talk but what is their body language saying? After three tests and once they have dissected all the evidence put before them, each panel member secretly locks in their forecast for the relationship. Will they last or will they split? We then time hop to ten months later. For viewers it’s just a few seconds, but for the couple there’s ten months of water under the bridge…. Did their relationship survive? If yes, they walk back in to meet the panel again arm-in-arm together. If no, they walk in separately. But crucially, what had the panel predicted? If at least two of the panel got it right the couple win £1,000 – whether they’re still together or not.